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Forms of Investment and Terms of Investment

1. There are three (03) types of investment in Lao PDR as follow:

  • General business (Ministry of Industry and Commerce will issue the business license);
  • Concession business (Ministry of Planning and Investment will issue the concession license);
  • Activities for development of special economic zones and specific economic zones (Secretariat to National Committee for Special Economic Zones at Government Office will issue the license);


Visa & Stay Permit Card

Visa Service and Service of stay permit card

Foreign Affairs Sector has the roles and responsibilities in approving entry visa to Lao PDR and multiple entry-exit visas through Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 1. Entry-Exit visa of Lao PDR consists of 13 types.

1 Diplomatic visa D - A1
2 Official visa    S - A2
3 Courtesy visa    C - B1
4 Tourist visa    T - B3
5 Short-term visa  NI - B3
6 Long-term visa  I - B3
7 Permanent visa   P- B3
8 Expert visa E - B2
9 Transit visa    TR - B3
10 Student visa  ST - B2
11 Media visa   M - B2
12 Business visa for foreign investors NI - B2  or I - B2
13 Technical visa,foreign employee LA - B2


Concession/Tactical Activities

Investment Services in Concession Activities by Planning and Investment Sector

1. Scope of Investment One-Stop Service

  1. Provide service on investment requests in concession activities determined in Article 15 of Investment Promotion Law 2009 i.e. Investments in electricity activities, mines, activities relating to rights in land concession, airlines, telecommunications, insurances and financial institutes.
  2. Provide service on the application for establishing a representative office of foreign company.
  3. Provide service on business visa, multiple-entry visa and stay permit card requests.
  4. Provide service on the application for the change in enterprise legislation in concession activities.
  5. Provide relevant investment information services, i.e. investment statistical data, investment regulations and others in relations to the office’s rights and roles.
  6. Provide service on the draft for stamp making certificate for the concession enterprise and representative office.
  7. Provide service on enterprise name reservation, enterprise registration certificate code, tax identity number and submit to responsible sections in the department for concession registration certificate issuance.





Guideline: Tax and Vat Incentive for Import Plan No.01-IPSC Dated 02.01.2019 (Lao Version) Download




Customs Sector has the roles and responsibilities in certifying the customs policy in accordance with Investment Promotion Policy.

Based on the instruction of the Minister of Finance on the implementation of Customs-Tax Policy in accordance with  Investment Promotion Policy No. 3578/MoF, dated 19/12/2012, they are as follows:

1        Purposes

The purposes are to organize and expand the Investment Promotion Law 2009 and the Decree of Investment Promotion Implementation Law 2011in setting principles, customs-tax policies, procedures and operational methods of approving the plan for importing raw materials, construction materials, tools, spare parts, engines, vehicles, machinery and others for the utilization in the investment activities, and to facilitate the investors in Lao PDR.


General Investment

Investment service in general activities by Industry and Commerce Sector

1. Establishment and registration of enterprise certificate

Establishment and registration of enterprise certificate to operate the business in Lao PDR are under 4 categories, 3 forms and 4 types in line with the Enterprise Law.




Quota Approval Services for employee import and utilization of Labour and Social Welfare Sector

Labour and Social Welfare Sector has functional roles and responsibilities in approving the quota for foreign employee import and utilization in enterprise units established in Lao PDR, by sharing the following responsibilities with central level (Ministry) and local levels (provinces/Vientiane Capital):


Special and Specific Economic Zones in the Lao PDR

I. Investment in Special Economic Zone and Specific Economic Zone (SEZ)

Investment in SEZ consists of 2 forms as follows:

1.      General Investment: Developers and investors can invest in all sectors in the SEZ, except for the Government prohibitive activities, mainly the trading of arms, drugs, poisonous chemical substances, activities that destroy environment, lives and properties of the people, services that are against regulations and laws, destruction of peace, tidiness, and beautiful national and local cultures. The general investments will not receive any promotional policy from SEZ.


Representative Office

Application for establishing Representative Office "RO" (Article 47 of Investment Promotion Law 2009)

  • Foreign legal entity with the purpose of establishing the Representative Office (RO) in Lao PDR must submit the proposal to Investment One-Stop Service (OSS), Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) for consideration and issuance of the certificate of representative office establishment.
  • The certificate acknowledges the legitimate rights of the representative office to enable their movement in accordance with the roles, rights and duties, mainly in investment data collection for the mother company to use as a base in considering the investment in Lao PDR, but it does not allow operating the business.
  • Registration certificate of representative office including Tax identity number.
  • Age of representative office is 1 year.


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Last update: 10 March 2020.