Vientiane Capital


Vientiane Industrial and Trade Area (VITA)


Location Vientiane Capital

Establishment 2009
Total Investment 43,000,000 USD
Area 110 ha
Land Tenure  
Developer Government + Private (Chinese Taipei)
Location Advantage The project site is located 22 km from the center of Vientiane Capital.
Land Leasing 0.025 - 0.06 USD/m2/month
Electricity 0.059 - 0.065 USD/Kwh
Water Fee 0.25 - 0.35 USD/m3
Investment Projects

1. Industries (Textile, Shoe, Cloth, Bicycle, Electronic Parts Manufacturing Plant…).
2. Commerce (Retail Store, Trade Center, Commercial Building…).
3. Services (Training Center, School, Hospital, Hotel…).




 Saysetha Development Zone


Location Vientiane Capital
Establishment 2010 ( Land Tenure 50 years)
Total Investment 128,000,000 USD
Area 1,000 ha
Developer Government + Private (Laos & Chinese)
Location Advantage

The project site is situated in the center of Vientiane Capital.

Investment Projects

1. Agricultural Products Industry.
2. Wood Manufacturing Industry.
3. Light Industry.
4. Tourism-Services.
5. Electric Appliance Manufacturing Industry.
6. Machinery Industry.
7. New Energy Industry.



Thatluang Lake Specific Economic Zone


Location Vientiane Capital
Establishment 2011
Total Investment 1,600,000,000 USD
Area 365 ha
Land Tenure 99 years
Developer Private 100 % (Chinese)
Location Advantage

The project site is situated in the center of Vientiane Capital.

Investment Projects

1. Embassy Cultural Area (Embassy Office, Department Store, Franchised Store, Superstore, Entertainment Center, 5 Star Hotel, Performance Center).
2. Financial and Business Area.
3. Intensive Residential Area (Service Facilities: Hospital, International School and Kindergarten).
4. Low-rise Residential Area (Many forms of residences: European style, modern style and Laos style).
5. Tourist and Leisure Area (Retail Complex, Leisure and Lifestyle Street, Resort and Hotel).
6. Golf Course.




 Longthanh - Vientiane Specific Economic Zone


Location Vientiane Capital
Establishment 2008
Total Investment 1,000,000,000 USD
Area 557.75 ha
Land Tenure  
Developer Private 100 % (Vietnamese)
Location Advantage

The project site is located along the 450 Year Road in Vientiane Capital, 400 m from the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge and 16 km from the center of Vientiane Capital.

Investment Projects

1. Golf Course 36 Holes.
2. 5 Star Hotel.
3. Luxury Apartment.
4. Resort.
5. Conference Hall.
6. Sport Center.
7. Super Market.
8. Clinic Center.
9. Pre-School.
10. International High School.
11. Deluxe Villas.
12. Car Parking.







Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone


Location Bokeo Province

Establishment 2007
Total Investment 86,600,000 USD
Developer Government + Private (Chinese)
Area 3,000 ha
Land Tenure  
Location Advantage

The project site is situated on borders of two countries: Thailand and Myanmar.

Investment Projects

1. Construction of Economic Infrastructures.
2.  Agriculture, Livestock, Manufacture Industries.
3.  Hotel and Residential Area.
4.  Tourism and Special Colorful Display.
5.  Golf Field.
6.  Educational Institution and Health Treatment Center.
7.  Business and International Trade Area.
8.  Development of Real Estates.
9.  Banking, Insurance and Financial Institution.
10.  Post, Telecommunication, Internet, Advertisement and Printing.
11.  Transportation of Goods and Passenger.
12.  Development of Tourism and Entertainment Zone.
13.  Restaurants and Bars.
14.  Warehouse, Duty Free Shop and Duty Free Area.




Executive Summary, Phongsaly Province

Phongsaly is the northernmost Province of Laos. It borders China to the west and north, Vietnam to the east, Luang Prabang Province to the south, and Oudomxay Province to the southwest. Phongsaly has a total land area of 16,270 km2 (6,280 sq. mi.). Its total population of approximately 178,000 people is made up of more than twenty minority ethnic groups who speak their own languages. However, the biggest visual distinction between the groups is in the women’s dresses. Because of its geographical location, Phongsaly’s main culture is greatly influenced by China.



Under Construction



Boten Beautiful Land Specific Economic Zone


Location Louangnamtha Province


Establishment 2003
Total Investment 500,000,000 USD
Developer Private 100 % (Chinese)
Area 1,640 ha
Land Tenure  
Location Advantage

The project site is geographically located adjacent to Road A3 as a strategic route to connect to ASEAN+3 (China, Korea and Japan).

Investment Projects

1. Agriculture, Livestock, Manufacturing Industries.
2. Cultural Center, 5 Star Hotel, Resort.
3. Golf Field, Tourism Zone.
4. Education Institution, Public Health Center.
5. Business and Trade Area.
6. Development of Real Estate and Financial Institution: Banking, Stock Market.
7. Post and Telecommunication.
8. Warehouse and Distribution Logistics Area




 Executive Summary, Houaphanh Province

The Land of Freedom is most beautiful during sunset. Splendid mountains and forests please our eyes. There are flowers everywhere. Their sweet aromas fill the air. All ethnicities enjoy dignity and equal rights…,” beloved Lao poet and songwriter Sisana Sisane began his popular song The Land of Freedom about Houaphanh Province this way.



Executive Summary, Oudomxay Province

Oudomxay Province is in the heart of northern Laos. It borders China to the north, Phongsaly Province to the northeast, Luang Prabang Province to the east and southeast, Xayabouly Province to the south and southwest, Bokeo Province to the west, and Luang Namtha Province to the northwest. Covering an area of 15,370 km2 (5,930 sq. ml), the province’s topography is mountainous, between 300 and 1,800 metres (980-5,910 ft.) above sea level. Annual rain fall ranges from 1,900 to 2,600 millimetres (75-102 in.). The average winter temperature is 18 C, while during summer months the temperature can climb above 30 C.



Under Construction

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Last update: 10 March 2020.