Sepecail Economic Zone (SEZ)

 7. Thatluang Lake Specific Economic Zone

Location Vientiane Capital
Establishment 2011
Total Investment 1,600,000,000 USD
Area 365 ha
Land Tenure 99 years
Developer Private 100 % (Chinese)
Location Advantage

The project site is situated in the center of Vientiane Capital.

Investment Projects

1. Embassy Cultural Area (Embassy Office, Department Store, Franchised Store, Superstore, Entertainment Center, 5 Star Hotel, Performance Center).
2. Financial and Business Area.
3. Intensive Residential Area (Service Facilities: Hospital, International School and Kindergarten).
4. Low-rise Residential Area (Many forms of residences: European style, modern style and Laos style).
5. Tourist and Leisure Area (Retail Complex, Leisure and Lifestyle Street, Resort and Hotel).
6. Golf Course.

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Last update: 10 March 2020.