Why Laos


General Information: Lao PDR at a Glance

 Name Lao People's Democratic Republic
Surface Area

total: 236,800 sq km

land: 230,800 sq km

water: 6,000 sq km

Population 6.6 Millions (2008)
Density 26 people per sq km
Land Boundaries total: 5,083 km
Borders Myanmar 235 km, Cambodia 541 km, China 423km, Thailand 1,754 km, Vietnam 2,130 km
Languages Lao (official), French, English, and various ethnic languages
Climate Tropical monsoon; rainy season (May to October); dry season (October to April)
Religion Buddhist 65% , animist 32.9% , Christian 1.3% , other and unspecified 0.8% (1995 census)
Time Zone UTC+7
Currency Kip (LAK)
Exchange Rates
Stable exchange rate
average 1 Dollar: 8,000 Kips
GDP 39,284 billion Kips  (Nominal, 2007 estimate); 4.1 US$ billion  $5.788 billion (2009)
GDP Growth 7.9% per annum on average, (2012=7.93% and 2013=7.6%) 
GDP per Capita

US$ 573 in 2005-2006 up to US$ 1,069 in 2009-2010

Source: MPI (2014)

General Information: Laos = The Land-Linkage Nation and Potential of Economic Zones

 The Lao government vision is to establish Laos from the Land-Locked Country to the Land-Linked Nation. At the Moment, there are several routes to connect ASEAN to China such as Road No. 3 (R3) connecting Thailand-Laos-China (called North-South Corridor), in the central there is East-West Corridor, which is Road No. 9 connecting Thailand-Laos-Vietnam. In addition, the government of Laos also established the potential of economic zones such as Savan-Seno Economic Special Zone (Savannakhet Province).

General Information:  Investment Climate and Advantages in Investment in Laos

In terms of investment in Lao PDR, the investment destination in Lao PDR is known as: LAOS: Land of Ample of Opportunities & Success.This slogan is tell the true about doing business in Lao PDR. We have a lot of advantages in offering investors both domestics and foreign. By doing business in Laos, the investors can enjoy a lot of opportunities as stated below.

  • Advantages of Investing in Lao PDR

Integrated to regional and international arena:

  • Member of international organizations
  • General Special Preferences (GSP) Privileges with 42 countries
  • Normal Trade Relations (NTR) with USA (04/02/2005)
  • Bilateral Investment Treaties with 27 countries
  • In process of joining World Trade Organization (WTO)

Comparative Advantages:

  • Plentiful Natural Resources with unexploited
  • Large Area of Fertile Agricultural Land
  • Varieties of Tourism Development Sites
  • Virtually no damaging natural disaster

Competitive Advantages:

  • One of the most Politically Stable Country in the Region
  • Socio-Economic and Financial Stability
  • High Security (Low Crime Rate)
  • Low Labor Costs compared to neighboring countries
  • GSP Privileges given from 42 countries
  • Liberal Laws and Regulations creating favorable business and investment environments 


At the moment, the government of Lao PDR is negotiating for the WTO accession.  By participating in the WTO rules, we can ensure foreign investors for our commitment in the international arena.

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Last update: 07 May 2019.